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Bill proposes bill break: five-year wireless tax freeze on the table

Chris Ziegler

Though it's been proposed and shot down before, a renewed effort to cap federal taxes on wireless service in the US has a fighting chance of making it through Congress this time thanks to bipartisan support and a pretty crappy economy that could use all the breaks it can get right about now. Senators Ron Wyden and Olympia Snowe, representing both sides of the chamber, are trying to push through a five-year ban on tax hikes -- welcome news to pretty much any subscriber who takes even a fleeting look at the buffoonery on page one of their bill. Unsurprisingly, it's also welcome news to carriers who embrace any opportunity to lower their bills without any action on their own part; Verizon for one has come out to say that it "applauds" the legislation. How about a bill to ban 20-cent text messages, hmm, Verizon? Would ya applaud that? Thought not.

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