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Cinemassively: Walking the SLRFL track in real life

Moo Money

Over a year and a half ago, Moriash Moreau, then a team member of McDunnough's Relay Gang for the Second Life Relay for Life, created a contraption that would let him walk virtually using his real body. Channeling MacGyver, he used a treadmill, a butchered USB keyboard, and assorted spare parts to enable him to participate in a whole new way! He even outlined the steps from start to finish on his website. Set to music by Torley Linden, he documented his test journey using popular sims throughout the grid to make sure that his method worked properly. In the end, he walked a whopping 23 miles, or 84 kilometers in Second Life!

With SLRFL08 coming to a close, we'll have some interviews and statistics available to you soon, so stay tuned!

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