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Ask WoW Insider: Stay at home mom wants to give back to the community

Mark Crump

Welcome to today's edition of Ask WoW Insider, in which we publish your questions for dissection by the peanut gallery -- now with extra snark and commentary by one of our writers. This week "stay at home mom" writes in:

[Edit: The original image was of Clara from the Guild. Upon further review, I felt it did not go with the title of the article and what I wanted to be a discussion of community, as well as bringing the post to a low level. I offer my apologies. -mtc]

[Edit 2: For some reason the photo credit isn't coming through. It was taken by carf.]

As a stay at home mom, I have 16+ hours a day that need filled. Before the "omg, spend more time with your kids" posts, I have two things in my life that I truly have a passion for, my family and WoW. My family ALWAYS comes first. But let's face it, after a few diapers are changed, books are read, and naps are taken, I have a LOT of time on my hands.

I fill that time playing WoW, reading about WoW, thinking about wow, etc but I want to do more! My dream job (don't laugh) would be as an in-game GM but my husband's job doesn't let me be in an area where that is possible. I spend way too many hours a day trolling various forums; Customer Service, Guild Relations, server forums, etc. I participate in nearly all PTRs that are released. I subscribe to practically every wow related blog on the planet. But it comes down to this: How can I really help? Find a bug, it's already been reported. See a question, it's already been answered.

Didn't go to Paris -- no beta key for you! (kidding, kidding, but that's the rumor, no?) I have a huge desire to help and want to do something that will make a difference with this game and the people who play it. I feel like the places I'm used to hanging around already have all the help they need and don't need another troll spouting off the typical "wrong forum, customer support is that way ->>" kind of stuff. So, any advice on how I can take my WoW knowledge and experience and give back to the community that would actually be effective and useful?

I'm not looking for some special title or recognition, I truly want to help here and I actually prefer something with a little anonymity. Did I mention 16+ hours a day? There's only so much farming and raiding a girl can do before she goes crazy.


Ok, two disclaimers here: I struggled with basic math in High School, and I am not a father. However, I did ask a stay-at-home mother I know this question, and her answer was along the lines of, "What sixteen hours does she have I don't have?"

I have absolutely no interest in telling you how to spend your time, or how to raise your family, but, frankly, I'm not figuring out how you have the 16+ hours you claim to have. But Dear, <whatever deity/invisible man you worship here>, even in full-on EverQuest addiction -- the first MMO I was truly addicted to, the most I could muster was thinking about it seven hours a day or so. So, my honest advice here: If you've got a sixteen-hour time block you are looking for ways to fill with more WoW, or to help out in the community -- step away from the computer, seriously.

However, this is a fine time to throw out ideas how people can get more involved with WoW's community besides handing Blizzard money each month just playing. I know every now and then we put out a call for writers. You can always help out at WoWWiki. Our very own Natalie wrote a series on starting your own WoW Blog.

I know playing this one straight in the comments is going to be tough, and that's assuming our chains aren't being yanked here, but how would you recommend someone get more involved in the community?

Got questions? Don't wait! Send them to us at ask AT wowinsider DOT com and your query could be up in lights here next week.

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