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Guild Wars new player guide wrapup

Shawn Schuster

We've created a nice range of Guild Wars guides so far, from the very basics to some rather intermediate. While these guides will continue to get more advanced, we wanted to take this opportunity to catch readers up on where we stand so far. We hope this wrap-up will serve as an effective introduction to the game and gateway to our future advanced guides.

It's never too late to start playing Guild Wars
Haven't had a chance to play Guild Wars yet? You're thinking maybe three years after launch is a bit late? Nah, you're just in time! Guild Wars has so many enticements for people who are just getting into this new-fangled MMO scene, but also for people looking for a change from their regular game. We're here now to explain a bit about ArenaNet's masterpiece, targeted at someone who has only heard of Guild Wars, but never actually played it.
A PvEer's guide to PvP in Guild Wars
So you think you want to get into Guild Wars PvP. Maybe you've taken a look at Observer Mode and thought, "Hey, I can do that!". After almost three years of playing against mobs and spawns with predictable patrol patterns, you're looking for something new to spice up your favorite game.
A guide to Pre-Searing
The name "Pre-Searing" comes from the fact that everything in this tutorial area of GW:Prophecies occurs before the Searing, when the evil Charr burned the lands of Ascalon to the ground. Because of the fact that it precedes the rest of the storyline by two years, the area cannot be accessed again once you leave.
A guide to Heroes
Guild Wars has been an innovator in so many different aspects of the MMO genre, but none more than the introduction of ally NPCs to fill out a party and make soloing easier. It started out simple enough, but it eventually evolved into something much more advanced (and exciting) with Heroes.
A guide to the Hall of Monuments
Who doesn't love to brag about their accomplishments and show off their stuff? Luckily for Guild Wars players, the addition of the Hall of Monuments with last year's Eye of the North expansion allows a new way to show off what you've achieved in game and the very best high-end items you've obtained. However, the Hall of Monuments is so much more. It's also a way to transfer these items into the future for all of your descendants in Guild Wars 2 to enjoy.

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