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Massively takes on EVE Online's learning curve

James Egan

EVE Online is a complex game. There's no doubt about that. That complexity is a large part of the draw, but that doesn't mean learning about the game has to be a daunting experience. With that in mind, Massively has EVE Online in its sights. We've brought solid writers on staff who are quite knowledgeable about the game and are here to give some in-depth info on how EVE is played.

CrazyKinux and Crovan of The Drone Bay podcast joined us in April, and since then have provided Massively's readers with some helpful columns. CrazyKinux, aka David Perry, writes the Have Clone, Will Travel column. David's most recent piece, 3 Essential Tools for Capsuleers, provides a great overview of some of the third-party programs and resources available to help you plan your skill progression and your ship fittings. But we're also running two more EVE-centric columns at Massively. Read on after the jump to see what else we're bringing to the EVE community, and how we're easing that learning curve.

Rogue Signal is a column by Phillip Manning (known to many as Crovan) which dispels much of the confusion surrounding ship fitting and PvP, with particular emphasis on tackling. Phillip explains how to communicate with your gang or fleet while in combat (as there's really no time to type), as well as how to maximize the benefits of multiple characters and accounts.

Last, but certainly not least, is Massively columnist Brendan Drain, aka Nyphur, who hardcore EVE fans will know from his writing at EVE Tanking, E-ON magazine, and of course his presence on the official EVE Online forums over the years. In the short time Brendan has been with us, he's provided some insightful commentary on the state of New Eden through his EVE Evolved column. He's given us a look at the underpinnings of EVE's economy, and demystified EVE's skill system. Brendan has also explained how to get ready for war profiteering in the Empyrean Age, and the game mechanics of EVE Online's factional warfare.

We hope that Massively's EVE Online fans -- those who are just starting out as well as those who've been around for a while -- are happy with what we've brought you so far, but we're just warming up here. Massively will have plenty more EVE-focused content for you in the weeks and months to come.

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