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Open Tech's "Mac clone" demonstrates a firm misunderstanding of the law


We don't suppose there's any friendlier way to put this: Open Tech Inc. is setting itself up for an Apple lawsuit, without any of the nice "product people will want to buy" stuff to balance out the equation. See, Open Tech thinks you're an idiot, and that you'll buy one of their "open computers" that can run (gasp!) OS X, XP, Vista or Ubuntu -- just like almost every other PC on the market today. We're guessing they figure that as long as they aren't loading OS X onto the computer themselves, they won't have any trouble from Apple, but that's where they go wrong. In addition to the EULA and copyright allegations, Apple's complaint against Psystar has claims for inducing copyright infringement and infringing on Apple trademarks by advertising non-Apple machines as compatible with OS X which is exactly Open Tech's ploy here. Mix that in with some crappy specs, an August-ish launch timeframe and no pricepoints to speak of, and you have one of the least desirable computers known to man. And hopefully a fun lawsuit for us to enjoy.

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