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Xbox Japan's most popular game, Idolmaster, moves to PSP


For some crazy reason, Namco Bandai decided to release the very Japanese Idolmaster game exclusively on Xbox 360. It quickly became the system's most popular game ... but that doesn't say much for those that follow the Japanese charts every week. Looks like Namco Bandai realized that the franchise needed to jump ship to a much more popular platform. And it has -- the PSP.

The iDOLM@ATER SP looks to be based on the arcade original, with downsized PSP graphics. You play as a producer that must work with a variety of underaged pop idols. To ensure maximum profitability, Namco Bandai is releasing three versions of the game, each with three characters. (Wondering Star will actually feature four. Terrific value!) Considering the incredible desire of nerds to manage anime pop stars, we have a feeling this will do very well when it debuts in Japan.

[Thanks, Joe!]

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