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EA Sports working on fixes for NCAA Football 2009 bugs

July 15 was meant to be a day of great rejoicing for collegiate football fans, as it was the day EA Sports elected to hand down this year's model of NCAA Football. Unfortunately, a couple of NCAA Football 2009's newly implemented features (the EA Locker roster system and online dynasties) didn't work properly for a few unlucky players, occasionally erasing entire teams or failing to register online victories for a small percentage of gridiron gamers. Luckily, EA seems to be working diligently to recover from these costly fumbles.

According to EA spokesman Tyrone Miller, a patch to fix the EA Locker has been submitted to Microsoft and Sony for approval, and should be available to download during the first week of August. They've yet to announce any repairs to the online dynasties, though sports game blogger Pasta Padre reported that EA was able to fix his online dynasty after submitting his in-game issues to the company. Whether or not EA will make a similar fix downloadable for the rest of the bug-riddled masses remains to be seen.

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