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Your eyes don't deceive you, Mirage speakers has a new look

Steven Kim

We just love the breadth of offerings in speaker design, especially towards the high-end of the market. If bipolar, dipolar and tripolar drivers are enough "polar" for you, you can try out an omnipolar speaker like the ones produced by Mirage. Even though the company is sticking to the unique-looking, top-mounted omnipolar drivers that have been a calling card for years, it is going to live up to its name and revamp the branding and marketing approach. It's comforting to our aged audiophile hearts to see familiar two-channel names make the transition to the modern A/V ecosphere, even if that means more "lifestyle" designs. In the coming months, look for Mirage to introduce its smallest 5.1 speaker system yet (maybe a "Picosat" system beneath the already-small Nanosat 5.1 system?) and compact subwoofers; but we're more intrigued by the promise of a new Omnisat floorstanding models.

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