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Cryptic officially announces Star Trek Online


We may have spoiled Cryptic's little surprise, but even though we were pretty sure we knew what this whole countdown business was about, when midnight pacific time rolled around, we headed over to Cryptic's website to see what would happen next. We were immediately met by errors saying the server failed to respond as geeks world-wide attempted to do the same thing, but when we finally got through, we received the exciting launch message above and the count-down link had been swapped for a banner linking to the Star Trek Online homepage. For those of you concerned by the thought of your favorite sci-fi franchise being shoddily moved to MMO territory (and, come on, if you're Star Trek fans you must be used to the name being a bit abused), we were reassured by Jack Emmert's letter to the community:

There are few other fictional backgrounds that fit the MMORPG medium so well. After all, Star Trek was never about a single character, ship or even planet; Star Trek was always about an entire universe. And MMORPGs are uniquely suited to create such a thing and allow players to explore every inch. Admittedly, Star Trek has its challenges. We want to make a game that best captures the real essence of Star Trek. We see Star Trek as much about exploration as combat. As much about the variety of alien civilizations as it is about the core Vulcans, Klingons, Humans, etc. It's going to be an exciting ride over the coming months as we begin to unveil STO. I can't wait.

For those of you who can't get enough STO news, on August 10th Cryptic will be unveiling the first gameplay footage at the Official Star Trek Convention in Vegas (if you aren't going to be there, never fear -- they'll stream it on the web, too!) and there are new forums packed full of fans for you to geek out with.

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