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Subtle hint from MS Office website: Get a Mac


Going back to school? You'll need books, Microsoft Office... and a MacBook Pro, PowerBook G4, if the picture on Microsoft's Office back-to-school site is to be believed. Both the landing and inside pages of the site prominently feature the machines running what appears to be Office 2007 for Windows (which, of course, they can do with ease and grace). Still a bit surprising that the site doesn't feature a laptop from one of Microsoft's more traditional hardware partners.

This isn't the first time that we've seen Macs appear as Windows workstations via Microsoft's sites or events -- this Norwegian TV demo of Vista raised eyebrows for the distinctively iMacian nature of the demo machine. Perhaps the message from PC Magazine about the hardware that suits Vista best is getting through.

Update: As noted in the comments, the lack of an iSight clearly pegs this hardware as a G4, not a MacBook Pro -- so it can't run Office 2007 at all. Shame on me for missing it, but it's even funnier now.

Thanks Perrin!

Written by Michael Rose

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