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Valve would 'love' to see its older titles on XBLA


In an interview with Official Xbox Magazine UK, Valve's Doug Lombardi revealed that the company will "certainly consider" bringing some of its older titles to Xbox Live Arcade. With Valve already bringing Portal: Still Alive to XBLA, it would certainly make sense for Valve to look at placing its older titles on XBLA. Lombardi seems to agree, noting, "We'll certainly consider it. If you look at what we've done on Steam, we try to make all our games available and we're always reviewing the prices to keep them current." He added that Valve would "love" to bring it's older titles to XBLA but that "Portal: Still Alive is our first step at doing that beyond the PC." Lombardi also reiterates Valve's current strategy of working with the PC and 360 saying, "Right now, Valve's doing PC and 360 stuff, so anything we would iterate on would be on Xbox. We don't have any immediate plans to do this on PS3 or Nintendo."

Can anyone say Counter-Strike?

[Via Joystiq]

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