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Ubi to release Armored Core for Answer in September

Jason Dobson

Armored Core for Answer, the thirteenth title in From Software's giant mech love fest, is preparing to stomp onto North American shores later this year. Ubisoft is set to publish the laboriously-titled game, which will unload onto both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in September.

Armored Core for Answer follows 2007's Sega-published Armored Core 4, and promises to once more let players slip behind the controls of a giant modular war machine, with "epic" boss fights, "seamless" 2-player co-op and 7-player competitive modes promised as well. Much like most games that come out of Japan, Armored Core for Answer pits rebels against a malevolent megacorp with the fate of the world, not to mention precious customizable parts (130 new, 400 total), hanging in the balance.

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