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Castle Crashers dev: Price not yet decided


The Behemoth's Emil Ayoubkhan wanted to make it crystal clear that Castle Crashers will not be 1800 MS points ($22.50 US Earth dollars) when it releases Aug. 27, as indicated by the Japanese Xbox site. Ayoubkhan states that a price has not been decided on by Microsoft and that The Behemoth is working with the company to determine a "reasonable" price point, implying that the 1800 MS price point wouldn't be The Behemoth's choice.

As we stated previously, $22.50 would make Castle Crashers the most expensive XBLA title ever -- beating Penny Arcade's record-setting $20 price tag. We'll allegedly get final word on Castle Crashers' price by, at the latest, Aug. 25.

[Via X3F]

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