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    Mitsubishi's 65-inch WD-65735 DLP RPTV gets reviewed

    Darren Murph

    It's not often this day and age to see two RPTVs duking it out within the same fortnight, but shortly after CNET got ahold of Samsung's HL61A750 for review, the Mitsubishi WD-65735 showed up for its time on the test bench. For starters, critics couldn't deny that this 65-incher was big in more ways than one. Granted, consumers know full well what they're getting into with a DLP-based RPTV, but those not completely okay with a rather bulky set in their living room can stop right here and move on. Unfortunately, it seems that even those still with us will be looking for alternatives, as reviewers harshed on the inaccurate colors, soft details, lack of a PC input and lackluster array of controls. The unusually low 6.5 out of 10 rating suggests that there is value to be had for those looking for a big screen at the lowest possible cost, but the shoddy image quality will likely turn most folks away.

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