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New North American development studio hiring help for Mythos, Hellgate: London

Following the closure of Flagship Studios, the fate of their two intellectual properties, Mythos and Hellgate: London, seemed cloudy at best. Immediately after Flagship let go of nearly all of their staff, HanbitSoft (a large investor in Flagship) claimed to have possession of the two titles. Shortly thereafter, Flagship exec Bill Roper announced that his company still clung to life, as well as to all their technology and IPs, much to HanbitSoft's chagrin. Two weeks ago, Namco-Bandai reportedly picked up Hellgate, though the game's page on Namco's site mysteriously vanished a week later.

However, a recent help wanted ad posted by T3 Entertainment, the Korean developers of casual music game Audition Online (and major stockholders for HanbitSoft), might put an end to the confusion. The ad calls for developers for a new San Francisco-based studio who wish to "passionately continue development of Hellgate: London and Mythos, along with other new games." As much as we'd love to believe that Mythos will reach North America, we're not quite sure if this dispute has truly been settled, or if another developer has simply entered the IP melee.

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