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See what you're doing wrong with Geometry Wars' 3D camera


We're not sure if you've noticed, but there are an awful lot of things trying to kill you in Geometry Wars 2. With so many sinister shapes boxing you in and particles exploding from every angle, it can be difficult to see what the hell's going on, never mind a clear escape route. If you're tired of hearing that final bang and seeing your ranking in the friends leaderboard slip ever lower, might we suggest trying the game's hidden 3D camera?

The fine folks at Giant Bomb (who, in turn, credit former Joystiq writer Jared Rea) have pointed us to this neat little Easter egg which pauses the game's frantic action and allows you to swoop through the battle grid ... and even to the stars beyond. To access it, press the right bumper together with the back button during any of the game's modes. The analog sticks control the movement and direction of the camera, while the left and right triggers enable vertical adjustment. Neat!

If this still doesn't aid you in getting your blaster bearings, you'd best adopt our strategy for remaining atop the leaderboard: Delete your friends.

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