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Guardium UGV robot tears it up to keep watch on trespassers


We've seen plenty of robot security guards before, but not one quite like this so-called Guardium UGV built by G-Nius, which is apparently just as comfortable going off-road as it is patrolling a parking lot. Unlike some other "robots," this one is also fully autonomous, with it relying on GPS most of the time, and it able to fall back on its own decision-making skills to overcome poor GPS conditions and avoid obstacles. Naturally, the bot can also be loaded up with any number of different payloads to let it take on more ambitious missions, including a hostile fire indicator, a missile approach warning system, chemical snifters, fire extinguishers, and even an "RFID Interrogator," to name but a few. Be sure to head on past the break to check it out in action.

[Via Crave]

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