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Made in Azeroth: Arts and crafts inspired by WoW

Natalie Mootz

How can we amuse ourselves while we wait for Wrath of the Lich King to come out? One word: geekcrafts. Sure, you could go to Jinx or CafePress and buy some stickers or T-shirts, but then again there's all that waiting, what with the shipping and everything. Plus, although somebody made it, they didn't make it. By which I mean, it wasn't crafted. So, you know, it's like a BoE item instead of an engineers-only item.

Am I making any sense yet? No? Hm. Okay. Let me try again. Idle hands are the devil's workshop, so pick up some art supplies and start learning a new hobby. By way of inspiration, take a look at some of these cool things other people have crafted from their love of WoW.

Murloc knitted hat
Nim at Nimcraft makes all kinds of wonderful geekcrafts. My favorite is her various versions of a murloc hat. Plus, she knitted them with mad skills I can only dream about.

Voodoo mask
Monkeymanart (I swear, that's his name) makes very cool masks. This one looks just like the Big Voodoo Mask I got for my shammy a while back.

Crochet voidwalker
Rymes is a WoW friend of mine but I also learned that he's a crocheter! As a knitter it was so hard to get my head around making stuff with two needles that I'm extremely impressed with people who only use one.

Carrot on a stick keychain
Need your car to go 3% faster? Mandy Shaner has just the thing for you. She paints these keychain images herself and I might just need to get one for my welfare mount.

Felt voidwalker
Another summoned demon here, this time made of felt by Liane at Dorky Crafts. She even tags them with their own names. (Just don't say them three times in a row.)

Alliance earrings
Mandy Shaner's at it again with her paintbrush. This time they are nice dangly earrings with the Alliance lion on them. She also has Horde versions.

Horde scarf
And to make sure we are being faction-neutral here, make yourself warm in this hand-crocheted scarf by an artist named amlowi on who will customize the pattern for you if you don't want to make it yourself.

PWND earrings
Jenni has an entire line of girl gamer themed earrings also including UBER, LEET, ROFL, and LMAO.

Make sure to check out the WoW category on Etsy for more cool things people have made about the game. Also, use your own hobbies or learn a new one so that you can literally wear or show your Warcraft pride! Email your pictures, your story, and even your patterns to us and we'll save them for another crafts post.

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