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Sharp intros entry-level SB series of 1080p LCD HDTVs

Darren Murph

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Oh sure, Sharp's doing the whole OLED thing because of societal pressures, but it's no secret where its passion lies. The outfit best known for its AQUOS brand has just introduced a trio of newcomers aimed at those looking for an "entry-level" HDTV: the 42-inch LC-42SB45U, 46-inch LC-46SB54U and the 52-inch LC-52SB55U. Each of the LCD HDTVs boast a 1,920 x 1,080 resolution panel, glossy piano-black finish, a pair of component jacks, a dedicated PC input and built-in NTSC / ATSC / ClearQAM tuners to boot. As for HDMI sockets, you'll find four on the big fellow, two on the 46-incher and three on the "little guy." The pain? Try $2,299.99 for the LC-52SB55U (available now), $1,699.99 for the LC-46SB54U (also ready to snatch right away) and $1,399.99 for the September-bound LC-42SB45U.

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