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Hotfix quashes ludicrous purple loot drops in Age of Conan

Adrian Bott

Something strange has happened over the last few days in Hyboria. The first we knew of it was when a forum post suggested Funcom take a look at their loot tables, because certain mobs were dropping a heck of a lot more purple loot than they were (presumably) supposed to. The poster backed this up by providing a screenful of blue and purple items garnered in a very short space of time.

Word got out, as it inevitably does. It seems the Beguiler Demons in Poitain were bugged: their loot table was so skewed that soon any level 75+ character that wanted to could go and stock up on epic drop after epic drop. They're not the best gear in the game by far, but it was pretty clear that a purple item is supposed to be a lot rarer than this. Personal inventories and traders alike were soon overflowing.

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As of this morning's small patch, a fix has been put in place: 'Altered the loot table of the Beguiler Demons in Potain so they are now dropping more appropriate loot.' Several days' worth of wanton purple looting has already taken place, so this is a bit like shutting the stable door after the horse has... well, not so much bolted as seduced your wife, stolen the family silver, drunk all your cognac, smoked your cigars, lost interest and ambled off.

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