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EA finally patches NCAA Football 09 [Update]

Update: According to readers the patch has not been published or has been removed from EA Servers. Looks like we're back to square one with NCAA Football 09.

College football fans have a certain level of passion that you don't see in other college sports and prove it annually by cracking the bank for EA's NCAA Football game. Having been promised the best version the series has ever seen (as sports gamers are told every year), NCAA Football 09 buyers were confronted by a pile of errors and glitches from day one. Today, EA Sports has released an auto-update patch for the football franchise that promises to fix many of the issues found in the game. A list of patch fixes can be found after jump.

[via GameStooge]


  • Ability to view your Online Dynasty HQ through EA Sports World
  • Improved online performance
  • Fixed a couple recruiting exploits
  • Faster simming between weeks
Custom Stadium Sounds
  • The "All" option will now only work when the user is the home team
  • Improved coverage on kicks
  • Hook Zones depth keeps defenders in their zones
  • Fixed an issue with the Strafe Catch
  • Allow fumbles to occur when diving
  • WR screen routes improved
Bug Fixes
  • Sliders will now work correctly
  • An issue with missing stats after simming has been fixed
  • Ball carrier will no longer run out of bounds when changing hands and heading towards the sidelines
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed the slot receiver to burn the safeties in a prevent defense
  • Fixed a bug where the the ball would hit the cross bar, drop through, and not be counted
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent Hot Routes from working

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