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ScreenFlow 1.2 released


Vara Software's fantastic screencasting application, ScreenFlow, has just been updated to version 1.2. Brett and I have both raved about ScreenFlow in the past, but the more I use the program, the more I love it. If you are even marginally interested in doing screencasts, you owe it to yourself to give ScreenFlow a shot.

Some of the highlights from version 1.2:

  • French and German localization
  • Redesigned keyboard modifier display
  • You can now copy and paste clips and actions in the same document
  • Lasso tool added to the timeline to select groups of clips
  • Separate mouse click radar animation for mouse up and down
  • General improvements to smoothness and memory usage
You can see the entire list of changes/additions here. ScreenFlow won the Apple Design Award for Best OS X Leopard Application and Best OS X Graphics and Media Application at WWDC 2008 and for good reason -- it is one of the best native Leopard apps that I've come across, taking advantage of Quartz and Core Image to produce stunning results.

ScreenFlow is Leopard only and is $99.99 US for new users. You can download a full-functioning trial program here (final video will have a watermark until the software is unlocked).

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