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Street Fighter II HD beta gets bandaged

Jason Dobson

Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix's recently extended "open beta" got a technical hadouken this morning, addressing a number of the issues faced by the redrawn brawler, from connection lapses to frozen consoles. Other changes include Ken's newly-nerfed dragon punch, while Capcom says that the overall online experience has seen around a 50% improvement.

Notes a post on the company's blog, "While we can't do anything about high ping times, we've optimized the gameplay experience so that it's less noticeable and smoother," some of which can be seen in video form here. Still, those pining for more characters to pummel will be left wanting. According to Capcom, adding additional fighters was "technically not possible for the patch." We'll just have to wait until we get our thumbs on the full game to get our Cammy on.

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