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WRUP visits the Tooth Fairy

Ross Miller

Some fun facts:
  1. Ludwig got his Wisdom Teeth taken out
  2. He decided to send all of us a picture of the bloodied remains of teeth early this morning
  3. Many of the Joystiq staffers decided to not to have breakfast.
Here's what we'll be playing this weekend. Be sure to let us know what games will be occupying your time!
  • Alexander Sliwinski: I tried the demo for Braid and the puzzles inspired me to get the full game. Also have Eden to play and I'm sure to get in some Civ Rev as well. Just a little disturbed that PSN and XBLA games are starting to become my go-to style of games.
  • Andrew Yoon: As a Trophy Whore(TM), I'm still cracking away at PixelJunk Eden and Uncharted. However, if I need to take a break from the PS3, my time will be dedicated to Braid.
  • Christopher Grant: I'll be taking breaks between some of the more maddening (but oh so satisfying) puzzles in Braid by hopping back into Fable, which I continue to neglect. That's alright, I have until October 21 to finish it.
  • Griffin McElroy: I'm back into World of Warcraft, people. In the brief moments that I am able to resist Azeroth's siren call, I expect I'll be putting some more time into Final Fantasy IV DS. I expect these moments will be quite brief indeed.
  • Kevin Kelly prefers silence
  • Kyle Orland: More Geometry Wars 2 and Pixel Junk Eden, plus gonna try and dive into this Braid thing everyone's talking about. Also really enjoying the simulation-meets-arcade racing action in GRID at the moment. Gonna try to squeeze all this in amidst Olympics-watching, packing for a move to Pittsburgh and a birthday party for my wife. Busy weekend!
  • James Ransom-Wiley: I'm going to do whatever it takes to get just one of Ludwig's Geometry Wars 2 scores off the top of my leaderboards. I'll also be continuing my replay of Uncharted (moar Trophies!) and am hitting up All Points West in Jers Cirty tomorrow.
  • Jason Dobson: As I pack away games for my move out west on the Oregon Trail, I'm being judicious about what titles I keep out to play. After being reminded recently about Heavy Rain, I've decided to brave the snow once more and try to solve Quantic Dream's Indigo Prophecy.
  • Justin McElroy: I'm going to be playing Braid, which everyone who's not a dummy should rush out and buy, A+, 10/10. It makes Portal look like Brutal: Paws of Fury. And yes, I'm hoping that you'll all send this to Jonathan Blow and he'll see this and add it to his blog, because he's the best.
  • Ludwig Kietzmann: Braid is aiding me in my recovery from dental surgery -- a beautiful, melancholy and mentally involving game. This disgustingly vegetative weekend will also be spent playing Battlefield: Bad Company and Soul Calibur IV online. Just don't ask me to voice chat, you might make my gums bleed. Eww.
  • Randy Nelson: FYI, I'm settling in for some XBLA PSN TLC. This means wrapping my brain around the sheer genius of Braid, blowing it to bits with too much GeoWars2, and just plain chillaxin' with a game I find both challenging and utterly soothing: PixelJunk Eden.
  • Ross Miller: Just bought a new 60GB Xbox 360 after having another one die on me (second unit, no RRoDs so not covered under warranty *sad face*). Now to try out this Braid thing everyone's been talking about ...

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