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TNA Wrestling nears completion of HD TNAtv studio

Steven Kim

Not one to let WWE have the HD spotlight all to itself, TNA (Total Nonstop Action) Entertainment is readying its own HD studio in Nashville, TN. The TNAtv production building will house pre- and post-production for the brand from soup to nuts, including broadcasts, DVDs, on-air graphics and commercials. Whether you consider pro wrestling a sport or a soap opera with stunts, there's no doubt that it puts lots of money in the till. And that money can buy some nice HD toys -- in this case, four Avid Symphony and one Final Cut Pro HD editing suites. Looks like there's a "two man enter, one man leave" HD cagematch set up between TNA and WWE; but if TNA's fortunes aren't better than the WWE's, we might be looking at a double-disqualification.

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