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Aiko gets a new, Starbucks-ready hand prototype


Apparently that sexual harassment suit had a big payoff for Aiko: she's getting a hand. The developers of the fembot have created a hand for her botness, with five movable fingers, 15 movable joints, feedback sensitivity, low power consumption and palatable material cost of $1800. Oddly enough, the appropriate testing grounds for such a hand is Aiko's local neighborhood Starbucks, where she apparently regularly is required to grab straws, cups and cardboard sleeves for coffee she can't drink. How cruel. On the bright side, this hand isn't just for Aiko: it can also be attached to an amputee's forearm muscles, allowing for particularly low cost replacement hand -- though we're guessing it's going to need a bit more work before it's ready for mass human consumption. Video is after the break.

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