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Warhammer Online team developed 250 classes, kept 20

As one can tell by frequenting the World of Warcraft class forums, one of the trickiest parts of MMO development is making sure that your game's classes are perfectly balanced. If your paladins can walk all over your warriors, or your druids can outheal your priests, you're going to hear about it. For this very reason, many MMO developers choose to keep their catalog of classes fairly limited -- however, Mythic Entertainment's design team reportedly decided upon the classes in their upcoming MMO Warhammer Online after plotting out nearly 250 careers for the title.

This report comes from an interview with Mythic's Creative Director, Paul Barnett, on Videogaming247. Barnett explains that the Warhammer team got a little out of hand when developing certain aspects of the title, and that the team decided to cull their expansive career roster to the 20 classes available at launch. A wise choice, considering the countless months it would have taken to make sure that the Treasure Hunter, Gymnast, Dermatologist, Pastry Chef, Assistant Dermatologist, Chimney Sweep, and Librarian classes were all evenly matched.

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