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Beginner's guide to LotRO housing

Shawn Schuster

The housing system in Lord of the Rings Online offers more than just a place to store items or sleep off the effects from the Inn League initiation; these houses offer a highly-customizable place to call your own with a unique trophy and decoration system, land price based on scenery and much more. First introduced with Book 11, the LotRO housing system has proven to be quite popular among players.

Since the entire system can get a bit on the overwhelming side for new players, we figured we'd write up this beginner's guide to show people how to choose, buy, decorate and maintain the place they'll be hanging their hat throughout the game. Then, if you choose to go further with the housing knowledge, we'll give you some links to a few excellent guides out there that we've personally hand-picked for accuracy and current information.

Follow along on our journey to LotRO housing with how to choose your home>>

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