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Liveblog, info, videos and more from the Star Trek Online livecast

Michael Zenke

Last night we noted that videos and information had become available from the grand unveiling of Star Trek Online, Cryptic's newest in-development game. While there isn't a ton of information out there, there is quite a bit of coverage, and we've got the rundown for you this morning. Our own sister site Big Download has a great highlight reel from the event, noting that there are only going to be two factions at game launch. 1up has an extensive liveblog of the event, which gets point for catching all the nuances but is at about Warp Factor 8 for Trekkie-hating snark.

Though the liveblog gives the idea short shrift, we think the thought that you might be able to go onto other players' ships is particularly interesting. Player-created content, perhaps? Combine that with a Web 2.0 website where players can show off their ships online, and you've got a deep space version of Better Homes and Gardens. The official site offers something almost as good as a home decoration magazine: a chance to win a lifetime subscription to STO when it is released. Check out the official website for details, and navigate your craft over to West Karana for our own Brenda Holloway's lovingly-cynical take on the announcement.

Finally, you can click through below the cut for the trailer and Jack's introduction by Leonard Nimoy.

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