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Stolen PS3 gets tracked down via PlayStation Network


It looks like a recent PlayStation 3 theft took a few more twists and turns than your garden variety console heist, with not one but two individuals finding themselves finding themselves short a PS3 before all is said and done, and one of 'em eventually winding up with an unwanted Xbox 360. Our story picks up when one Dustin Waller gets a used PS3 as a gift and goes about using it, unknowingly, under the previous owners PlayStation Network ID. As luck would have it, that "used" PS3 was actually stolen, and after a month of good times, the police showed up at his door and took the console away. Apparently, they used Waller's IP address to track down his location, which we assume means Sony was also involved, although that tidbit's not exactly clear. But that's not all, when Waller went back to the 3-D Games store that the PS3 was purchased at to get a refund, they refused him, and would only give him an Xbox 360 in return, which Waller complains "isn't nearly as expensive or sophisticated as the PlayStation."

[Via PS3 Fanboy]

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