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Daily Mail has jolly ol' hysterical freakout over Wii's MadWorld


Kudos to Britain's Daily Mail, which has completely outdone its own most histrionic moments with a piece about MadWorld for the Wii. There are just sooo many good factually fracked lines in the story, it's impossible to pick even a few to use as examples -- not to mention, the reporter was too embarrassed by the piece to put his name in the byline. The main conceit of the Mail story is that MadWorld is going to ruin the image of the Wii, which has a "repatoire [sic] of mostly sports games the basic graphics and easy-to-use motion sensor remotes have become hugely popular with young children and families."

In the madness of the Mail's MadWorld piece, one of the best parts is that controversy-riddled Manhunt 2 -- also available on Nintendo's Wii -- isn't mentioned once ... not once! By the supposed logic used in the story, Manhunt 2 should have been pegged for opening the door to ruining the Wii's "family friendly" image a long time ago. The British Board of Film Classification banned the game because of its its violence last year, but the group since reversed its decision. Point is: Read the Mail piece. It's positively brilliant in its absolute ineptitude.

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