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Jaffe previews next Eat Sleep Play game


If you're not making sense of the mess that's leaked out of Jaffe's little red pen, don't worry, you're not alone. There's a reason why most developers choose to keep the uglier side of game design in house. But then, David Jaffe isn't most developers. If we squint hard enough, we can just barely see the outline of a Twisted Metal level (at least, that's the going theory) -- oh, and a Spider-Man head. Wow dude, if this Eat Sleep Play thing doesn't work out, you should totally try out for Marvel! (And yes, we actually dialed that 1-800 number...)

Anyway, glad to hear Jaffe's getting his "core" computer back up to speed. We can't imagine what's it's been like to be stuck with Windows and Internet Explorer. Gross.

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