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Strong Bad freezing? Take your Wii out of widescreen display mode


We haven't heard much in the way of problems with Telltale's newest episodic game, Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People. One of our incredibly handsome commenters had some other kind of issue, but it's nothing like what ThatVideoGameBlog is reporting.

Apparently, at the same spot in the episode, the whole game would freeze, locking up the console. Others over at the Telltale forums were reporting the same issue, yet they found a fix: take the console out of widescreen display mode and set it to standard (also suggested is turning off 480p and setting the system to 480i). This seems to correct the issue, yet means gamers will have to put up with some black bars on outside of the screen and none of that delicious progressive scan all the kids are crazy about. Until Telltale can patch the game, it looks like this is the only fix for those suffering from freezing.

[Via ThatVideoGameBlog]


Strong Bad's Game for Attractive People isn't the only notable WiiWare title. Capcom's upcoming Mega Man 9 has managed to turn a few heads (and might have even gotten other companies to think about retro revivals). There's also the upcoming Tetris Party and Alien Crush Returns, both from Hudson. Oh, and let's not forget Space Invaders Get Even!

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