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Yu Suzuki no longer a Sega employee [update: yeah he is!]

Justin McElroy

Update: Whoops! Sounds like Sega America CEO Simon Jeffrey was totally out of touch. "Yu Suzuki is at Sega and is Creative officer at Sega Corp," Jeffrey told GameDaily this afternoon, recanting his original remark to Gamasutra (see below).

Original: If we had made games like Virtua Fighter, Out Run, Shenmue and Virtua Cop, we'd kind of hope that we could spend our later years with feet propped up in an expansive Sega office being fed peeled grapes by Amy Rose. But that's not the case for legendary Yu Suzuki who, according to a Gamasutra interview with CEO of Sega of America Simon Jeffery, is no longer employed by the company.

"Yeah. He's kind of his own man right now. Every now and again, he'll come up with an idea, and I don't think anything has come out of that yet, but we're still working with him," he said.

In other news, Shenmue Online confirmed for 2009! Wait, did we say confirmed? We meant "absolutely never ever going to happen so put your fan fic into a rocket and shoot it into space." Sorry about that.

[Via 1UP]

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