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All Points Bulletin nearing the beta stage

Shawn Schuster

In light of the recent positive news surrounding Realtime Worlds' upcoming crime MMO All Points Bulletin, they've just announced that beta signups will begin soon. In anticipation of this, they've set up a website where fans can register their interest in the beta, which will enable fans to get their email added in anticipation, and ensure up-to-date news from Realtime Worlds regarding APB and future projects.

Before Realtime Worlds decided to create the "Register Your Interest" page as part of their growing community activities, they wanted to make sure there would be enough enthusiasm for the game. So to gauge this enthusiasm, they promised that the sign-up page would go live after they reached 500 members on their APB Facebook page. Well, they reached that goal in only a few hours, proving that this game is very highly-anticipated.

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