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MTV won't pick up Brtal Legend

Justin McElroy

With its rock 'n' roll aesthetic and Jack Black-connection, currently publisher-less Brütal Legend seemed like a natural fit to be picked up by MTV Games, the way Variety saw it. But, the publisher denied the hunch saying, "We are big fans of [Double Fine chief] Tim Schafer. We hope the game finds a good home."

Well, that's just great. So, who'll pick it up? We can rule out Activision and MTV ... and almost certainly Majesco. While we don't know who the most likely candidate is now, we'd like to humbly offer the services of Joystiq's publishing arm. Here's what we can promise.

1. No interference from us, except when we occasionally but adamantly demand that our likenesses replace those of the lead characters.
2. No knowledge of how to actually publish a game, specifically in regards to marketing, manufacturing and distribution channels.
3. Lots of hugs.

So, how bout it, Tim? Can we work together?

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