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Rumor: Mega Man 9 Achievements are evil


If there's one thing you'll see a lot during your stroll through Mega Man 9's trap-laden, pit-filled and exceedingly deadly memory lane, it's the poor little robot boy exploding into a booming bloom of pulsating energy. Unfortunately, there appears to be no achievement for dying one billion times -- at least not in the list of in-game gongs posted by Inside MGC.

So, how about beating the game without dying? Or without using energy tanks? How confident are you about defeating every boss using only the standard buster ... or without taking damage? Well, it looks like we'll be going for the WiiWare version of the game after all. We just can't deal with Capcom giving us a retro-wrapped gift with one hand and plucking Xbox 360 Achievements (or PSN Trophies?) out of our grasp with the other. Those meanies!

[Thanks, Morgon]

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