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Palm looses 700p / 700wx ROM updates for Verizon / Alltel

Darren Murph

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Funny story -- these guys will be one in the same here in just a few months, but until then, you'll have to pretend there's absolutely no relationship between Palm's 700p (Verizon) and 700wx (Alltel). Jibber-jabber aside, those still rockin' either Treo may be interested in sucking down what's apt to be the final ROM update for both handsets on these carriers. As predicted, Palm didn't go into great detail about what all the respective Radio Patches were, um, patching up, but you know you can't walk around without the latest and greatest on your phone. That being said, tap the links below (choose carefully!) to get your download on.

[Via PalmInfocenter]

Read - Palm 700p (Verizon) update
Read - Palm 700wx (Alltel) update

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