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PocketMac for BlackBerry updated, supports Entourage 2008 and iTunes


Although the iPhone is the mobile platform of choice for many Mac users, some of us actually use something else. Shocking, I know. Whether it is by choice or dictated by work, tons of Mac users are also BlackBerry users. The problem is, native BlackBerry support is non-existent, leading crackberry/Mac addicts to choose between two software solutions: PocketMac and The Missing Sync. PocketMac is free for all BlackBerry users, thanks to a licensing agreement with RIM, and has just been updated to version 4.1.25.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Support for Lotus Notes 7 and Entourage 2008 PIM sync. Entourage users have been waiting for this since Office 2008 was released earlier this year.
  • Support for syncing non-protected iTunes playlists (Windows users don't get all the fun).
  • Support for syncing iPhoto photos and albums to the BlackBerry, with options to keep albums intact and scale photos for the device. You can also import BlackBerry photos directly to iPhoto.
  • Sync Notes from Leopard's
  • Support for all BlackBerry units released as of May 2008
Sadly, if you are one of the lucky BB users with a BlackBerry Bold (which is rolling out in the US in September), early web reports are saying that the Bold is NOT compatible with PocketMac at this time. I will say, in the past, the drivers for new BlackBerry devices have been released pretty quickly, so as soon as the Bold release become a little more widespread, I fully expect a driver update to surface.

I'm not sure if PocketMac 4.1.25 works with devices running BlackBerry OS 4.5 (my carrier hasn't officially upgraded yet), but if you are running 4.5, let us know in the comments if you can use the latest version of PocketMac. Want to make your BlackBerry look more Mac-like? Try one of the free Leopard themes available here.

PocketMac 4.1.25 requires OS X 10.3.9 or higher and is free for all BlackBerry users.

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