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Sega has a surprise for Leipzig


Sega might have spent the last few years dragging our beloved memories of Sonic through the dirt, but like an abused, battered spouse, we always return to the company's embrace. They'll change this time, we tell ourselves before each new Sega title is revealed. Sometimes, the gamble pays off. Other times ... not so much.

At first glance, the company's Wii line-up for Leipzig (listed past the break) consists of titles we've all seen before, but Sega is also planning a "world premiere" for a hitherto unannounced game, one that will be announced in time for the start of the trade fair on August 20th. This being Sega, our imaginations have instantly fired up. Given the recent trademarking shenanigans and Sega's current fondness for reviving Dreamcast titles, our money is on a Jet Set Radio game of some description. You never know, however -- it could just be another Sonic game noone really cares about. We'd never rule that option out.

Activate idle speculation!


The rest of Sega's Leipzig line-up:


[Via press release]

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