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Tiger Woods 09, SBK08 demos hit Xbox Live

Justin McElroy

So, we've got good news, and we've got potentially bad news. We're going to mix it up and give you the bad news first: There's a demo for SBK08 on Xbox Live right now, but if you live in Asia or North America, you can't play it. Maybe it's not that big a deal, but what if we told you that SBK stood ... for superbike? We thought regular bikes were cool, but these bikes ... wow, they're just so far beyond that. We feel bad for anyone (ourselves included) who's stuck with a last-gen non-super-bike. You've won this round, Europe.

But, hey, dry those tears, rest of the world, because today you can also download a demo for Tiger Woods 09. Experience the thrill of Joystiq editor Ludwig Kietzmann's day-to-day life as you play three holes at the Gary Player Country Club in South Africa. Hey, just because Little Steven avoids it doesn't mean you can't play Sun City!

(P.S. We're assuming that at least the Tiger Woods demo will show up on PSN today. We'll let you know when we see an update.)

Source -- SBK08 Demo
Source -- Tiger Woods 09 Demo

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