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It's-a Mario World: Friends & Allies


Oh, hello there! You startled us. For some reason we've been so wrapped up in Wario World for Gamecube lately that we forgot we're supposed to be talking about Wario's goody-goody brother. So what if Wario World is five years old and was somewhat shrugged off by industry critics? How else are we supposed to satisfy our lust for treasure before Wario Land: Shake It arrives stateside? And don't tell us to try playing an actual Wario Land game on Game Boy, because we already did that. Like umpteen times. While jamming out to new music and shouting "WAHHH" to nobody in particular.

Ok, you're right: We have another month and a new Mario sports title before we should be getting too worked up about Wario. So, what is the discussion this week? The last couple of issues focused on persistent and underrated foes, so maybe we should drop all of our sinister, gold-hoarding schemes to acknowledge the friendlier folk of the Mushroom Kingdom. Which characters have helped Mario on his way? Hop over to the gallery and reminisce!

It's-a Mario World is a weekly feature in which the ubiquity of Nintendo's flagship character is celebrated: We'll incessantly ruminate about mustache wax, debate the curious whereabouts of the princess and covet the luminous power stars strewn about the galaxy. Check back here every Friday to find out what strange and wonderful thing has got us tipping our caps. Still hungry for plumber pasta? Go feed on the latest issue of Virtually Overlooked, which is cooked with a Mario base and served with awesome sauce.

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