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Nokia's bastard North American N78 finally gets updated

Chris Ziegler

Some of those sweet-sounding bug fixes neatly tucked away in the last firmware update for Europe's N78 have finally trickled down to the second-class citizens left of the pond -- a bit late, yes, but if it's any consolation, users will still be able to take advantage of Nokia's slick over-the-air interface to grab the goods. Perhaps the most important change in this build is improvement of the sensitivity of the right soft key, a pretty big problem out of the gate that plagued our test unit. Speaking of sensitivity, the Navi wheel's has apparently improved as well, as has the music player's ability to remember where you left off in podcasts. Thanks for not forgetting your loyal North American customers, Nokia, but seriously, could we try to keep the love just a little more in sync?

[Via Symbian-Guru]

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