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First Look: Edibles


If you're a loser and you're happy, it probably means that you are a successful dieter.

Being a middle-aged computer geek means that I have been gaining weight (no, I'm not as "hefty" as Steve Wozniak). I am a member of the WeightWatchers Online program, but it's frustrating that I haven't been able to track my Points® with my iPhone. Well, the brilliant minds at Random Ideas, LLC have just released Edibles (link opens iTunes), which works with just about any diet program to help you watch what's going into your mouth.

As a food journal, Edibles allows you to track whatever value your diet uses. For the Atkins diet, you'll be tracking carbs. On WeightWatchers, you have a certain number of Points® that you can ingest on a daily basis. If you exercise, Edibles deducts carbs, calories, or points so you can see the benefit of your workout.

Edibles tracks on a daily and weekly basis, just as most of the major diet plans do. The app is available for US$5.99 in the App Store now, and is sure to be a hit with anybody who is fighting the battle of the bulge.

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