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Race to shave your face with Magnetic Shaving Derby

Eric Caoili

Magnetic Shaving Derby serves as both a homebrew game and a cautionary tale for those of you out there intending to shave your face using nothing but a razor blade and a U-shaped magnet. Razor blades are only good for two things -- slitting your wrists and cutting lines of cocaine -- not shaving.

According to programmer Nyarlu, you score points in MSD for each hair you cut, but you also lose points for cutting yourself or if your beard starts to regrow. Apparently, there are also pimples you can pop to reverse the polarity of your magnet and earn double points, just like in real life.

What really makes this game, however, are the victim's anxious eyes as he watches the blade drag across his cheeks, threatening to draw blood and carve off a chunk of flesh without warning. You can't see it in the screenshot, but his lips, two plump hot dogs pressed against each other, are trembling.

[Via DCEmu]

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