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PlayOn beta allows streaming Hulu; Netflix support planned


The PS3's media server capabilities just got a nice injection with the recently released PlayOn beta. The easy-to-use client streams media from your PC to your PS3. The most exciting thing about the client must be its support for Hulu, the free video streaming site which broadcasts a number of high-profile network shows. For example, we installed the beta and we were able to watch NBC's 30 Rock almost instantly.

There are a few problems, though. The files are poorly compressed: a single episode of 30 Rock is over a gigabyte, which demands a rather speedy connection between your computer and PS3. The quality isn't too great thanks to the web-friendly MPEG-2 codec being used. And, once the 60 day trial ends, the service will ask for $30. However, if PlayOn can get the planned Netflix streaming to work, they may just have a new customer.

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