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Powabyke X-6 reminds us just how boring we really are


We've got the Jack Johnson playlist locked and loaded, our polarized Oakleys are firmly ensconced, and those khakis are tucked snugly into our tube socks. It's time to ride, fool. The Powabyke X-6 is the electric bike for the bore in all of us, masquerading perfectly as a traditional road bike, complete with the old "battery disguised as a water bottle" trick. The six-speed electric bike weighs in at 48.5 pounds, with an battery-powered top speed of 15mph -- the max allowed by law -- and a 15 mile range. The battery can be detached and charged indoors, but replacements run a few hundred dollars, so don't lose sight of that sucker. The X-6 should be out in the UK this September for £750, about $1,395 US.

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