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See Mega64's rejected 'DS guitar game' ad [updated]

Justin McElroy

We think the ESRB is, as a rule, pretty OK. They make it so the kids of good parents can't get adult games and the bad parents at least are forced to walk all the way into the store, which is just fine by us. But sometimes they can keep you from seeing perfectly good, perfectly surreal video game ads such as the one above made by our friends at Mega64 for an "unnamed DS guitar game" (spoiler alert, it's Jam Sessions).

The most heartbreaking thing, as revealed at the end of the ad, is why the video was rejected, which we can guarantee you won't guess. But, always obliging, the guys also made a "safe for the ESRB" version, which you can find just after the break.

[Update: Hey gang, the ESRB says they never saw the ad. We're not sure what the confusion is. The ESRB isn't specifically named in the ad, but we don't know who else they could have been referring to. We'll try to get to the bottom of it for you.]

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