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Universal Remote intros $500 Complete Control MX-880

Darren Murph

Universal Remote briefly mentioned the Complete Control MX-880 in its release of the MX-450, but now we're being treated to a whole heap of new information. URC's PC-programmable remote is unsurprisingly aimed at the custom install sector and boasts a two-inch color LCD along with the ability to be used as an infrared (IR) or radio frequency (RF) remote. The $499 unit is essentially a color-screen version of the popular MX-900, and thankfully, the company included interoperability between files built for the latter to work on the new model. Oh, and it's available right now. Full release after the break.


The MX-880 programs just like the popular MX-900, but now installers can deliver interfaces for their clients in brilliant living color.

Harrison, NY – August 18, 2008 – Universal Remote Control®, Inc. (URC), the pioneer in control technology, introduces the Complete Control MX-880, its latest wand-style PC-programmable remote control for the custom installation market. The rechargeable MX-880, which features an attractive two-inch color LCD display, is positioned as a compelling and easy $50 upgrade to installers who currently spec the Complete Control MX-900, a tried and true stalwart of the URC line whose screen is black and white.

Many installers use the popular, $449 MX-900 to customize user interfaces for clients via URC's OpenArchitecture™ MX-900 PC Editor. OpenArchitecture enables incredibly quick creation of custom, multiple-room, multiple-user interfaces via MX-900 Editor's text-only programming interface. With the $499 MX-880, dealers now can program enticing color interfaces by utilizing the same text-only MX-900 programming interface they already use.

Custom installers can provide client-pleasing color at an affordable price with URC's fast, installer-friendly MX-880 Editor software. The same files an installer programmed for an MX-900-or for the recently-announced KP-900 Wireless Keypad-can be imported and used on an MX-880; likewise, MX-880 files can be imported to an MX-900 or KP-900.

"The MX-900 has been a real workhorse for so many of our dealers over the years, and it will remain available," said Jon Sienkiewicz, director of marketing for URC. "With the MX-880, we are enabling dealers who rely on the monochrome MX-900 to seamlessly upgrade to a color model that will really connect with their clients. The best part is that all of the programming work they have done for the MX-900 is completely portable to the MX-880. There's no need to redo macros or learned codes. If you know the MX-900 already, there's absolutely no learning curve."

The MX-880 can be used as an infrared (IR) or radio frequency (RF) remote. Its powerful programming features enable installers to be both creative and efficient. For example, they can create status menus in macros, nest a macro inside another macro to create a complex routine, use variables to track power status, users or rooms, or create options that change in all macros based on one button press by the user. The MX-880's color LCD screen is populated with colorful backgrounds and icons automatically, so the installer can focus on text label customization instead of arranging icons.

Installers can customize an MX-880 for every room of the house. A set of preprinted room labels is included with each MX-880; installers can affix the proper label in the coined area at the base of the control to identify which remote is customized for each room. The MX-880 features a rechargeable lithium ion battery, and its built-in motion sensor detects movement and automatically activates its backlighting without a button press.
The MX-880 joins URC's growing color lineup of Complete Control professional remotes, which also includes another new models introduced at CEDIA-the MX-450-as well as the existing MX-3000, MX-980 and MX-810 models. "Because of GPS, cell phones and MP3 players, consumers now expect vibrant color screens on all handheld electronics," said Sienkiewicz. "Our professional remotes are following suit, giving our dealers yet another attractive selling point."

Visit Universal Remote Control's booth #324 at CEDIA EXPO for a look at the MX-880. The MX-880 is now shipping for an MSRP of $499.

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